Board of Directors (2023)

2023 President  Randolph "Randy" Beasey, LMFT

2023 President-Elect Kristin Flowers, LMFT

2023 Secretary Vacant

2023 CFO Judith Young

2023 Board Member-at-Large (year 1) Dana Charles, LMFT

2023 Board Member-at-Large (year 2) Vacant

2023 Board Member-at-Large (Associate) Jerrickson Ajex Palvannan, AMFT

2023 Past-President Michael Crile

Benefits of Being a Board Member

There are several benefits to becoming a board member, each benefit being different for every individual. You get to experience what it takes to be a part of a dynamic board and give back to your community. Costs of CEUs offered by the chapter are waived if you are active and following through with duties. Your work and participation allow you exposure within the chapter. Appreciation Dinners are provided for board and committee members.

Positions Available 


Member At-Large
Represent the licensed members at large and chair a committee. Be present at chapter events to engage the members and participate in hosting the events. It is preferred that that candidate has been a voting member for 2 years before taking office. 2-year commitment as sitting member at large. It is required that you are a State CAMFT Member and that your membership remains current.

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